The women at Lice Clinics of America were extremely helpful when we discovered our lice infestation. They armed us with the information and strategies we needed to tackle the home-front and they treated our children with kindness and dignity in administering the treatment and checking for re-infestation.

Lice InfestationArmed with lice information and strategies.


Thank you so much for all of your work, words, and kindness. This is a bind blowing experience and you did amazing job.

Mind-blowing ExperienceAmazing job!


After trying to get lice and eggs out of my daughter’s hair for three days, we both became very frustrated. I’m so glad we found Lice Clinics of America online. I wish I would have found them the first day. Kate did an AMAZING job on my daughter’s head. We are going home relieved that the lice are no longer a problem.

RelievedLice are no longer a problem.


I was horrified when I found lice all over my 7 yr old daughter’s head. We battled them at home, but seemed impossible and overwhelming to kill them all. We were thrilled to find Lice Clinics! The ladies there were so helpful and friendly — it was a surprisingly pleasant experience. I would recommend them to everyone!

HorrifiedWe were thrilled to find Lice Clinics!


I could not have asked for better service. Hopefully, we will not need to seek their help and service again; but if we do, we will return immediately.

No Better ServiceWe will return.


I just want to thank you ladies again for everything that you did today!! For once I feel like I can actually breathe again and live a very stress free life!!! But most of all my girls are so incredibly happy!!! You are amazing and a blessing thank you so much! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Thank you so much!You are amazing and a blessing!


Thank you for the help with my hair. And, because of you I got to go to Biztown and it was the best and the dance. I am so blessed thank you. …Thank you for checking me too. I’m glad you helped my sister. You’re the Best!

You’re the Best!I got to go to Biztown...and the dance.


I can’t thank you enough! I couldn’t take anymore days off work and you were the lifesaver I needed! Your staff were very friendly and understanding!

LifesaverI can’t thank you enough!


We can’t thank you enough for taking care of Caitlin, me & our family recently. You took time (a long time) away from your family to help and treat us. We’re so grateful. Enjoy some time w/ your family on us! God bless you.

So GratefulGod bless you.


We are so very grateful for your clinic in Fort Wayne! They were so friendly and helped us with peace of mind! The cost of each head might seem expensive but home treatment is no guarantee but with Lice Clinics you get RID of lice and a guarantee! Thank God for Sara and Kate!!

Peace of MindWith Lice Clinics you get RID of lice and a guarantee!
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