The price of getting rid of Lice

What is the financial, emotional and physical cost of getting rid of lice?? Well we will not lie the price can be high. With that said it does not have to that way. First, most of us go into panic mode when we make the realization or get the phone call that our child has lice. Oh the dread…. usually a parent will run to the local drugstore within hours of finding out and buy the over the counter “remedies”. They follow the instructions and sit for hours combing out the child’s hair. Then go on to treat everyone with the same “remedy” even if they are not sure the others in the house have lice. Just to be safe. Along with the product and combing there is the all the cleaning that goes with getting rid of the bugs. It certainly takes its toll on the parents and everyone else in the household. After all is said and done it is hard to deal with the reality that even with all the efforts that have been made the lice are still there!!!!! Our friends in Jacksonville Fla at Fresh Heads Lice Treatment Center posted the approximate costs of the do-it-yourself methods. They are as follow:

• Over-the-counter head lice shampoo for one person :$45
• Over-the-counter head lice products for the family :$125
• In-store purchased head lice nit removal comb :$7-$45
• Internet-purchased head lice products :$150
• A visit to the doctor for diagnosis and treatment plan :$250
• A prescription lice treatment :$50-$250
• Replacement of personal hair combs, brushes, and accessories :$75
• Extra household cleaning supplies :$30
• Electricity and water required for extra laundry and cleaning :$200
• Missed work for one person :Cost Varies
• Sitters for children unable to attend school :Cost Varies
• Missed school (private) :Cost Varies
• Missed extra-curricular activities :Cost Varies

There are some things, however, on which you can’t put a price; perhaps their cost the greatest.

• Anger, stress, depression felt by members of the family
• Strained relationships with friends and co-workers
• Lack of sleep for person(s) with head lice and for their care-takers
• Physical discomfort caused by itching from lice bites and burning from pesticides in treatment products
• Countless hours spent combing hair, cleaning, doing laundry
• Missed school and make-up work
• Missed non-fee extra-curricular activities
• Missed social events
• Exclusion from social events
• Unwarranted, unfair stigma and stereotyping
• Known and unknown long term effects of toxins in over-the-counter and prescription head lice treatment products

Multiply these direct and indirect costs each time you treat and have to treat again in an effort to be rid of head lice. To add insult to injury, THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES!

Now you may be asking yourself after reading that what am I to do if we have lice!! Call us is the answer. In the end we will save a family money. At Lice Clinics of America -Ft.Wayne we offer safe, toxic free, heated AIrAlle treatment that will kill both the live bugs and the eggs. It also comes with a 30 day guarantee. ( All siblings and parents must be head checked by a LCAFt.Wayne technician for the guarantee to be valid). The pesticide -free AirAlle treatment costs $149.00 per person. It includes a full comb out to remove all debris ( dead lice and nits) and an application of I Hate Lice rinse ( a non toxic lice suffocating solution). We will also provide you with a list of the essential house cleaning that needs to be done. This is a one time treatment. There is no follow up required.

So if you are still thinking that you are one to do-it-yourself then we encourage you to go back over the pricing above. It will cost you far more then a phone call to us for a appointment.

Lice Clinics of America -Ft.Wayne is here to help!!!

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