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Summertime is prime time for kids to go away to camps. There is nothing quite like an adventure away from home, under the stars, hiking, camping and experiencing mother nature. According to the Seroquel no prescription overnightthere are about 7,000 overnight camps and about 5,000 day camps in the U.S., for a total of more than 12,000 camps. These camps are attended each year by more than 11 million children.

One of the most common problems reported by these camps is the outbreak of head lice. Various policies and procedures are usually put in place to help with this. Some camps offer head lice screenings during camp and on the spot treatment, sometimes provided by local Lice Clinics of America. Other camps contact parents for the child to be removed from camp as soon as an infection is discovered. Some camps offer lice treatment shampoos and leave the child on the campsite. Alarmingly still, others have no policy in place and are often left scratching their heads about how to handle the situation.


Why is Summer Camp Such a Problem?

According to the Seroquel buy cod “Head lice are spread by direct contact with the hair of an infected person. Anyone who comes in head-to-head contact with someone who already has head lice is at greatest risk….Personal hygiene or cleanliness in the home or school (or camp) has nothing to do with getting head lice.”

Summer camp is all about close-knit bonding time between kids! They spend their days and nights together laughing, hugging, sleeping under the stars. This gives head lice more opportunities than normal to pass from head to head. Children are also much less concerned with personal space than adults. As they develop close friendships and spend time together, they are physically closer as well making head lice more transferable.

Another fact is the season, summertime creates warm environments where head lice are more prone to be active. They don’t become dormant in winter but are definitely more active in warm months where it is easier to spread.


How to Prevent Lice at Summer Camp?

Talk to your local Lice Clinics of America about preventative products that can be used to help ward off head lice. We offer shampoos, conditioners, and sprays that use lice deterrent ingredients humans cannot smell. These products are safe and quite effective at repelling head lice in the first place.

Notify the camp directors about what policies and procedures they have in place to prevent an outbreak. If your camp is not prepared, invite them to contact your local Lice Clinics of America to come up with a plan. We are a professional source for head lice screenings, prevention and safe treatments for head lice outbreaks.

Talk to your kids! Teach them how lice are contracted. Remind them not to share things like brushes, hats, blankets, pillows, towels or even headphones. Keep girls hair pulled back in braids or ponytails to prevent infection. Cut boys hair with short, trimmed styles that keep it protected from head lice.

Remind children that anyone is susceptible to head lice. Dirty people are not more prone to head lice.  Anyone is at risk. Make sure they feel safe and know it is not dangerous.


What Do I Do When My Child Returns Home?

Take the time to perform a head screening on your child. Keep in mind that head lice symptoms usually take a few weeks to fully manifest. The first indication will be eggs, or nits laid at the base of the scalp. Female adult lice lay 6-10 eggs per day. They are cemented to the base of the hair shafts, very near the scalp to prevent them from flaking off. This can help you determine between dandruff and nits. Still, don’t know what to look for? Lice Clinics of America offers head lice screenings at a low cost to help you determine if you have a problem.

Wash all their belongings on high heat settings. Any personal items used at camp that cannot be washed need to be sanitized with bleach or placed in the dryer on a high setting for 30 minutes.


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A big part of what we do at Lice Clinics of America, Ft. Wayne is to help families through the headache of a head lice outbreak. This problem can leave parents with feelings of being overwhelmed, fear of spreading to others in the household, and not sure where to start to get rid of the problem. But, did you ever stop to think what children might be feeling when they contract head lice?

We decided to talk to a few kids who have recently dealt with a case of head lice themselves. Ashton age 8, Michael age 7, and Tate age 12 were happy to help us. Here’s what they had to say:


Question #1 – “What are Head Lice?”

Michael remarked, “Head lice is really little bugs that have sticky stuff that sticks them to your hair. I think you can get them from outside.”

Ashton answered, “Head lice is where you have little bugs in your hair. You have lice bugs. Head lice they eat your hair. I am just guessing because they like to go on our head.”

Tate told us, “Head lice are like really tiny bugs. They are only like a tiny speck so you can’t see them. I think they eat bacteria.”

These kids were a little unsure about the facts of head lice. As parents, it is our job to teach kids the basics about how to prevent head lice. Teach them that head lice are most often contracted through direct head to head contact. When kids spend their day with friends giving a hug, playing together in the backyard, sitting closely on a couch to play video games are all scenarios where kids can easily catch head lice. Knowing not to share hair brushes and accessories, hats, pillow, towels, or even hoodies can go a long way in prevention for kids.


Question #2 – “How did you know you had head lice? How did you feel?”

Tate said, “I felt like there were little bugs in my hair. I wanted to wash my hair like super, heavy duty, for like a really long time all day and all night. I wanted to get them out as soon as possible because it was gross.”

Michael replied, “I think it felt kinda ticklish and like a pain in my hair. I felt super scared and worried that I could get creeped out. I was worried I could get hurt.”

Ashton told us, “I was just taking a shower and then my mom sits on the couch, and I sit on the floor and then she combs my hair. With the bottom of the comb she was combing my hair and she found them. She tried to get all the bugs out with it. I felt so scared. I HATE bugs and I only wanted to sleep on the floor because I was scared the bugs were on my bed!”

We might not realize that head lice can leave kids feeling dirty, unsafe, embarrassed and even worried for their safety. Parents need to reassure their children that although head lice are extremely annoying, they are not life-threatening. Assure children that you will help them with this problem and that they are not dirty or unkempt. Anyone can catch head lice, no matter how often they wash their hair or bathe. These stresses and anxieties if left unresolved can cause poor performance in school, feelings of inadequacy, and the need to withdraw themselves from friends and family. Teach kids the truth about head lice. Help them feel confident and safe.


Question #3 – “How did you feel after your treatment and your head lice was gone?”

Michael remarked, “I was so happy I wanted to throw a party!”

Ashton told us, “I felt so happy and relieved! I would not share brushes and hats with any more second graders!”

Tate said, “I felt like I was clean and felt a lot better. I felt like I could be around people again.”

These answers made us at Lice Clinics of America, Ft. Wayne feel proud. We love to help people feel relief and comfort after dealing with the stressful problem of head lice. This is why we offer the latest, most effective, fast and painless treatment available for head lice removal.  Lice Clinics of America uses thebuy Seroquel canada to eliminate head lice in one quick hour-long treatment. We guarantee your child will walk away head lice free.



Did You Know?

Head lice is a huge problem, worldwide. The Seroquel toronto reports that in the United States alone  6-12 million children between the ages of 3 to 11 will contract head lice each year. Unfortunately, due to immunities that head lice are now showing against over-the-counter treatments and shampoos, that number is only to go rise.


Why are Children More Often Prone to Head Lice?

Children are much more susceptible to head lice because they do not understand personal boundaries. Head lice do not jump, fly or hop. The number one way head lice are contracted is through direct head to head contact. As children interact in large groups at schools, daycares, playdates, sports programs, or even just at home in their own yards they are often up close and personal with one another. Be aware, adults who live in the same household as small children are much more likely than other grownups to contract head lice.