Fun Facts about lice…

Now we always hear we need to try to embrace what ever is going on in our lives-  especially the unwanted or stress causing situations that come up.  Embracing them is so we may look at the situation differently and realize that it may not be as bad or that it has come into our lives to teach us something.  That is all lovely and I do try to follow that line of thinking.  Except when it comes to lice.  We have had it our house and I know I was not interested in embracing the little crawlers – not one bit.  I wanted them out.  First we all have to remember they will not be with us forever.  We have enjoyed our lives lice free and we will be lice free again.  So the obvious first thing to do is call our clinic and make your appt to come in that day and get treated.  As you are driving to the clinic here are some “fun” facts about lice that you may not know:

The latin name for lice is Pediculus Humanus Capitus.-  sounds pretty fancy.

They are equal opportunists.  They do not discriminate.  They enjoy host heads of all ages, incomes and ethnic backgrounds.

Adult lice is about the size of a sesame seed.

They do not jump, hop, or fly.  Their preferred method of transportation is crawling.  Here is my favorite fact-  the average speed of a louse is 3.75 inches per minute.  That adds up to 450 feet per day.  These little annoyances can cover over the length of a foot ball field in one day !!!!

A lice out break will occur in over 80% of schools in the USA.

Over 350 million dollars will be spent this year on lice treatments.  If the over the counter treatment that is first used is not successful the first time it is highly unlikely that it will work the 2nd time.  That is why LCA Ft.Wayne needs to be your first and only treatment.

Lice infestations are signs of very social and friendly children.

The most common age is btwn 3-12 and usually the lice appear more often in girls then boys.

And last but not least lice will not “just go away”  they need to be treated.


Now I know that most will not be interested in lice fun facts.  I was just trying to embrace the subject 🙂

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