Even celebrities get head lice

If you get the call from school that your child has head lice it can make you feel like you as their parent u have obviously done something wrong.  Which is not the case at all!  You also may find it very difficult to even tell your closest friends that the little bugs have crawled ( yes lice crawl they do not fly or hop) their way into your home.  It is not a sign that you and your children are dirty ( when was the last time you had them take a bath??? Who can remember those details), that your home is dirty ( what exactly DOES the cleaning lady do when she is there) or that you are not a good parent. Even though those often are our first thoughts.

So I was googling lice topics and came across the funny video of Jennifer Garner on Jimmy Fallon discussing when the Affleck family had lice and she met George Clooney for the first time. She even talked about the hours of pain stakingly having the nits pulled out of everyones hair.  It would not have been so bad if they had used the AirAlle treatment! Other celebs have been lucky enough to have their head lice issues publicized as well.  Can you imagine??  Celeb moms such as Courtney Cox, Britney Spears ( some speculate that is why she shaved her head) , and the all mighty Madonna have dealt with head lice.  Now does it make us feel better knowing that they too have had it?? Yes for some reason it does.  But the fact is that they are human and have hair so they are at risk for getting lice.  Just like you and me !  Watch the video that we have linked to this post, it should give you a giggle.

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