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We use the revolutionary AirAllé device which blows heated air through its applicator tip along the scalp and hair shafts at a higher flow (but cooler temperature) than a hair dryer. When the AirAllé treatment is contraindicated we offer a traditional comb out.


This is a premium AirAllé treatment using our exclusive, FDA-cleared medical device. We do a 30-minute heated-air treatment followed by a professional comb-out. We finish the treatment with an application of a specially formulated topical rinse. Treatments can take as little as an hour, depending on the length of the hair. If you choose this treatment option, we guarantee you will leave our clinic lice-free.

No need for more appointments or follow ups. No hidden fees.

We are so confident in our exclusive, full-service treatment that we guarantee it. As long as each individual in the household is screened then this full service treatment is 100% guaranteed.

*Price may vary due to severity of infestation.

One of our head lice removal experts in Allen County, IN

Head lice treatment for little girl


This option is designed for those who want the professional heated-air treatment but are more budget-minded and feel they can handle the comb-out procedure themselves. We do a complete and thorough treatment using the AirAllé device to kill the lice and their eggs and apply a dimethicone rinse. The remainder of the process, including the comb-out is completed at home. Since the ultimate success of this option depends on how well the comb-out is performed, we don’t guarantee this option.


Under this option, our technicians will do a thorough comb-out in our clinic. Duration of treatment depends on length of hair and infestation level. Because we don’t use the AirAllé device, we don’t guarantee the treatments.

Lice comb out