We have all seen the pages in the magazines about “What’s in your bag?” I know I look at them. They are in all magazines; parenting, children, weekly magazines, Health . The type of bag may vary depending on the theme of the magazine. Gym bags, baby bags, celebrity bags, grocery bags and overnight bags. I always wonder if that is really their bag or is it just a bag full of paid advertisers. Either way do I care?? I love scouring to see if their is a magic product or gizmo that will change my life. I know what the inside of my bags look like. As my children have gotten older the contents of my bags have changed and I have slowly been able to reclaim more space for things that I obviously can not live with out when I leave my home. I have two business partners that happen to be my best friends. We all have different approaches to our bag. For the sake of this post I will only be talking about our purses. Michele’s bag is perfectly organized and there is a bag or container for everything. I am always amazed at the little product that she pulls out with a gleam in her eye knowing I will want what ever it she found. Kate is more of a minimalist with the contents of her bag. She always has a beautiful handbag but it is not usually full of new finds. She will have the necessities that she needs through the day. Then there is my bag……It usually is a nice bag because lets be honest handbags ALWAYS fit. They never let you down no matter what the scales says. Just the other day I thought why is my bags so heavy?? Well I found the ceramic bowl that my daughter had taken her breakfast to the car with, socks that I thought my son had needed for basketball practice the prior evening and the bag of joint care chews for my dogs that I had gotten at the vet earlier in the week. Seriously??? You don’t find those things in the pages of magazines . I try to keep it organized I really do. I limit the stray almonds in the bottom corners and gum wrappers my children have thrown in there. Lord knows I can never find my keys. I just know they are in there because my car starts. The one item that I garuntee that most people don’t have in their bags that we so is a small magnifier and a lice comb. Yep we all have lice combs in our bags. Since people know what we do we get stopped and asked “oh lord will you check me I’m sure I have Lice”. Now that is a item that you don’t see when we look deep into Khloe Kardashians purse or Demi Lavato. This is real life though.