Why Home Remedies Do Not Work

Home remedies, do they work?  We have had people tell us all sorts of different things they have done to get rid of their Head Lice infestation.  Everything from putting mouthwash to kerosene on their heads.  Before we go any further let us be very clear putting kerosene on one’s head is NEVER A GOOD IDEA!!!!!! We feel that is common sense but just wanted to make sure that everyone who reads that knows not to try kerosene.


Putting mayo on your head then putting a shower cap on and letting it sit for over night is very common.  This type of remedy is a smothering agent.  Other common products people use in this form are Olive Oil, Butter, Petroleum Jelly and Peanut Butter. The thought is that these products will deprive the lice and incubating eggs of air.  THIS DOES NOT WORK.  You may have luck with killing some live bugs but this will absolutely not kill the eggs.


Common oilsthat people often use on their head are Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint and Rosemary Oils.  Small clinical studies have suggested that some natural plant oils MAY have toxic effects on lice and eggs.  Again we at   LCA Ft. Wayne agree that all natural and green products are the way to go but this will not take care of your head lice problem.


Combing wet hair that with a lice /fine tooth comb may remove some lice and nits.  Research is inconclusive on the effectiveness of this method.  Let us tell you that when going with the combing method you must get every single egg and bug out.  If one viable egg is left then the cycle will start all over again.  In 10-14 days you will be right back where you started.


So what is a person to do who does not want to use chemicals on their head but obviously wants to rid their head of these pesky bugs???  Call us at Lice Clinics of America Ft.Wayne.  Why ??  Because we offer several treatments that are all green, safe for all ages and are guaranteed.  LCA Ft.Wayne has the 2 treatments with the FDA Cleared AirAlle. It  is a heated air treatment that dehydrates the live bugs and most importantly dehydrates and kills the eggs.  That is why we can give you a 30 day guarantee. We offer two, one time treatments with the Airalle.  You are one and done with us.  We will save you so much time and energy battling this problem.  Once you come in we will take the time to asses the level of infestation and go over all treatment options.  Let us be your solution!  We promise you won’t be sorry!!