Do you laugh or do you cry??

mom performing at home treatment

When we answer our phone at LCA Ft.Wayne we are prepared for just about any type of emotion on the other end of the phone.  We have had a wide range of emotions.  A very common conversation includes someone one the other end of the phone crying.  I always tell them “its ok just let it out” .  Lice will bring you to your knees if you have been dealing with it for a while or if you have just gotten the phone call from the school and you have never dealt with it.


A lot of people are still under the belief that lice is a sign of a dirty home or bad hygiene.  This is simply not true.  Lice actually clean hair.  Oily/dirty hair makes it harder for the bugs to attach their eggs to.  Clean hair is where they want to be.  Head Lice can not live off of the human head for longer then 72 hours.   They only lay eggs on your head.  They are not like fleas or bed bugs that lay eggs in the fibers of your home.  So the cleanness of your home is not the issue.  With that said you still need to do the basic cleaning and laundry to make sure you get rid of them once you know you  have them.  Even the most pristine homes can have family members with lice.


After spending hours treating head lice at home one can find themselves with anger bubbling to the surface.  Mad at the school that they don’t have a lice policy.  Mad because you know the child you feel sure is spreading the lice and are certain they are treating it at home. Therefore making your family’s life miserable.  Mad because you were positive that you got every nit combed out and the nurse just called to say they found more.


You went to the store bought the products, did the treatments and or called the dr and got the prescription.  You felt sure you got it all .  Victory.   4 weeks later you realize the lice have returned!!!  You did the whole process over and now you are sure its gone.  A couple weeks later you have gone on with your life only to realize they have returned again.  This cycle can go on and on.  We have had people call us that have done this routine for months even years. You feel that your life has started to revolve around getting head lice.  You are at the end of your rope and are wondering will this EVER go away for good.


What you need to know is that we have dealt with each of these emotions and more.  One very rewarding aspect of owning LCA FT.Wayne is that we offer people piece of mind with our AirAlle treatments. The AirAlle is FDA cleared heated air device.  We will guarantee our AirAlle treatments for 30 days.  Why is that so important when we are talking about emotions?  It important because you have us to guarantee that we will get rid of it.  You are not alone in your battle to these pesky bugs.  We are here to walk you through the process and explain all the steps that need to take place to assure you do not have to continue the cycle.  Dealing with Head Lice does not have to be a emotional roller coaster if you let us help you from the very beginning.  We can save you so much time and emotional exhaustion.