2017 – The Year to Conquer Lice!!


So often we answer the phone and on the other end is a mother or father at the end of their rope because they have been battling head lice.  Getting rid of head lice can be very difficult to do on your own.  There are so many products that promise results and countless home remedies that can be found on line.  The sad fact is that very rarely will any of these treatments take care of the problem.  Which then leaves parents feeling like they are fight a loosing battle.  We at LCA Ft.WAYNE are here to help you conquer head lice so you can get on with your life!!


We are a clinic for head lice removal.  We offer several different treatments to our customers to fit their budgets.  We guarantee that we get  rid of head lice.  What is our secret??  We offer the newest treatment on the market.  A heated air treatment with the AirAlle device.  What makes this so effective??  Through the heated air treatment we are able to dehydrate and kill the live bugs but most importantly the heated air treatment dehydrates and kills the eggs.  This is why we can guarantee our one time treatments.   It also is a all green, pesticide free treatment.  We guarantee our treatment for 30 days.  So you know that you have a partner in getting rid of this pesky problem!!  We offer several other treatments as well as the AirAlle  along with a full product line.  We are happy to schedule a consultation appointment for families to figure out what the best plan of attack.  Along with our treatments we are your resource for information about head lice.  There are many myths floating around that are simply not true.  We are hear to answer your questions and get you the real facts!


We at LCA Ft.Wayne are taking calls at all hours, because lets be honest head lice do not care what time it is.  We are open 7 days a week and are by appointment only.  You can simply call us at 260-416-2880 at we are happy to get you scheduled.   We do our best to get you in ASAP.


  1. Head lice can only live off of a human head for 72 hrs.
  2. Head lice only lay eggs on human heads.  They do not lay eggs in your carpet or furniture
  3. Head lice lay 8 to 10 eggs a day for the entire length of their life.
  4. Head lice do not live on pets.  They only live on human heads.
  5. Head lice do not jump or fly from head to head.  They crawl.

Pleas Don’t go into this new year dealing with head lice.  LCA FT.WAYNE is here to help.  Let us be your resource and partner!!