Is it possible that we can help you go into Labor???

We had a first this weekend at the Lice Clinic of Ft.Wayne!!!  We had our first client’s water break!!!  We love all of our clients and when they are in our clinic we try to make everyone feel comfortable and at ease.  This weekend we had a lovely family in for the whole family to be treated.  Mom was due any day.  After the 4th treatment was completed her water broke!!! As 4 mothers who own and work at the clinic with 10 children between us we have a special place in our hearts for the moms who come in with only days before delivery to deal with a family outbreak of lice.  What timing to have to deal with head lice.  As if having another baby is not enough already.  Now we all remember when people would give us advice to help the onset of labor.  Eat mexican food, jump up and down , drink this ,do that…. The list can go on and on.  Not once do I think I have ever heard get the heated air lice treatment!!!!   Maybe we have discovered a new tactic!!!!  I don’t know if anyone from this particular family will ever read this but we wish their family and the newest addition the best.   If you are close to your due date and have tried everything else come and see us !!! Maybe we can help.