Lice on two strands of hair

Super Lice !!! You have to be kidding!?!?

With all the things we hear about and read about now we have to learn about SUPER LICE.  Add it to the super sized list of things that we can worry about. Right after super cell storms  and super strains of the flu.  So what is a super lice, how did it become super and what do we do about it??? Here are the answers:

What is super lice?

The Journal of Medical Entomology a publication of the Entomological Society of America shows that lice are becoming increasingly difficult to remove. Over time the little guys(and girls) have become unresponsive to to over the counter lice treatments.  As a result they are becoming super lice and spreading more quickly then health experts originally feared.

How did this happen?

The study that was conducted at the University of Mass Amherst looked at the genes of lice from 32 sites in the US and Canada.  What they found was the bugs have become genetically resistant to the chemicals that are the base of the over the counter remedies. How did this happen?? When the over the counter treatments are used incorrectly the lice can not only survive but they become stronger!! These stronger bugs go from head to head and as time goes on they become completely resistant.  The same thing will happen with the RX one can get from their doctor, over time they will become resistant.


In a recent Harris Poll of 2,000 U.S. mothers, about one-third said they were able to treat their child’s lice with just one application of a OTC product.  Sixty-eight percent reported that treatment required two or more applications or that no OTC treatment resolved.

So what are you to do if your child comes home with lice??

Don’t panic!  Super or not you can get rid of these little guys (and girls). Lice Clinics of America-Ft.Wayne is a Science-Based Lice Removal Company that is 100% equipped to deal with Super Lice!! LCA -FW is the exclusive provider of the Revolutionary AirAlle’ Head Lice Machine which provides a single treatment that does not require follow up visits or rechecks. Clinical studies have shown that the  AirAlle’ device which uses only controlled heated air (no chemicals) provides a very safe, fast and highly effective way to kill all stages of head lice, lice eggs and SUPER LICE.



Fun Facts about lice…

Now we always hear we need to try to embrace what ever is going on in our lives-  especially the unwanted or stress causing situations that come up.  Embracing them is so we may look at the situation differently and realize that it may not be as bad or that it has come into our lives to teach us something.  That is all lovely and I do try to follow that line of thinking.  Except when it comes to lice.  We have had it our house and I know I was not interested in embracing the little crawlers – not one bit.  I wanted them out.  First we all have to remember they will not be with us forever.  We have enjoyed our lives lice free and we will be lice free again.  So the obvious first thing to do is call our clinic and make your appt to come in that day and get treated.  As you are driving to the clinic here are some “fun” facts about lice that you may not know:

The latin name for lice is Pediculus Humanus Capitus.-  sounds pretty fancy.

They are equal opportunists.  They do not discriminate.  They enjoy host heads of all ages, incomes and ethnic backgrounds.

Adult lice is about the size of a sesame seed.

They do not jump, hop, or fly.  Their preferred method of transportation is crawling.  Here is my favorite fact-  the average speed of a louse is 3.75 inches per minute.  That adds up to 450 feet per day.  These little annoyances can cover over the length of a foot ball field in one day !!!!

A lice out break will occur in over 80% of schools in the USA.

Over 350 million dollars will be spent this year on lice treatments.  If the over the counter treatment that is first used is not successful the first time it is highly unlikely that it will work the 2nd time.  That is why LCA Ft.Wayne needs to be your first and only treatment.

Lice infestations are signs of very social and friendly children.

The most common age is btwn 3-12 and usually the lice appear more often in girls then boys.

And last but not least lice will not “just go away”  they need to be treated.


Now I know that most will not be interested in lice fun facts.  I was just trying to embrace the subject 🙂

What do you clean and how do you clean your home after lice!!

Ok…. So after you have been to our clinic and have been treated for lice what are the steps you take at home?? Everyone talks about the dreaded cleaning. Yes its a drag but you just have to get it done. First thing to know is that lice can not live for more then 2 days with out a human host.  I love to host parties and events but to think of my head as a host for lice is really to much.  So here are the steps that are recommended for your home.

1. Gather up all your brushes combs, hair clips, headbands, hats, and ponytail holders.  Now if it is feasible I would throw it all away but a lot of times we don’t have the extra money to replace these things.  With that said all the haircare items need to be soaked in hot water for up to 2 hours.  Or you can stick them in a tied plastic bag and put them in the freezer for 2 hours.  Now I will say to make this easier the dollar store can be a great place to replace these items.

2.  Find the stuffed animals that your child uses most often and their pillows , pillows from the couch or chair if they lay on them often.  Put these things in the dryer for 30 mins at high heat.

3.  Gather up all the bedding, blankets and towels that your child uses and wash them in hot water and then dry on high in the dryer.

4. For items such as helmets and headsets they can be placed in a tightly sealed plastic bag and put in the freezer for up to 12 hours.  Also make sure you clean them off well.

5.  If your like me vacuuming always makes me feel better.  It really doesn’t have to be as bad as you think.  The key is to do this as soon as you know the lice have made their way into your lives.  Unfortunately these steps may need to be repeated if the infestation has gone  on for quite some time.

After all this cleaning and stressing then its time for a nice glass of wine or what ever your drink of choice is.  Just now the lice will go away!  You will not be dealing with it for what seems like forever!!  The bonus is your house will be really clean as well.


Even celebrities get head lice

If you get the call from school that your child has head lice it can make you feel like you as their parent u have obviously done something wrong.  Which is not the case at all!  You also may find it very difficult to even tell your closest friends that the little bugs have crawled ( yes lice crawl they do not fly or hop) their way into your home.  It is not a sign that you and your children are dirty ( when was the last time you had them take a bath??? Who can remember those details), that your home is dirty ( what exactly DOES the cleaning lady do when she is there) or that you are not a good parent. Even though those often are our first thoughts.

So I was googling lice topics and came across the funny video of Jennifer Garner on Jimmy Fallon discussing when the Affleck family had lice and she met George Clooney for the first time. She even talked about the hours of pain stakingly having the nits pulled out of everyones hair.  It would not have been so bad if they had used the AirAlle treatment! Other celebs have been lucky enough to have their head lice issues publicized as well.  Can you imagine??  Celeb moms such as Courtney Cox, Britney Spears ( some speculate that is why she shaved her head) , and the all mighty Madonna have dealt with head lice.  Now does it make us feel better knowing that they too have had it?? Yes for some reason it does.  But the fact is that they are human and have hair so they are at risk for getting lice.  Just like you and me !  Watch the video that we have linked to this post, it should give you a giggle.

We are open for business!

The Lice Clinic of America-Ft.wayne is officially open for business.  We have already treated several people in the last few days.  We are receiving calls from people who say they have been battling having lice for months.  They have tried the prescriptions and the over counter remedies with no luck. So when they find us or hear about our AirAlle treatment they are relieved to that we can get rid of all live lice and eggs immediately.   We are excited to be here and look forward to meeting you if you ever need us!!