Introducing the Lice Clinics of America -Ft.Wayne

This is how the conversation goes about our new business venture ( that we are so excited about!):

Them:  Lice ?  Really?

Us: Yes!  Lice!!  We are so excited.

Them:  Really?

Us :  Yes.  Obviously you have never had to deal with head lice.  Or you would understand how great this service is.

Them:  No, I have never had to deal with head lice.

Us;  Well when you do now you know who to call because we know how to get rid it quickly and we will guarantee it.

Obviously not everyone understands the chaos that those little bugs can cause in what we like to think of our well controlled, chaos free lives.  We are 3 mom’s with 8 children between us.   One of us recently dealt with a serve case of head lice.  That is what started our journey to opening this business.  When we discovered the AirAlle treatment we were thrilled!  It took care of the problem quickly and that is what we needed after countless hours of trying to get rid of it with both over the counter products and even prescriptions.  Talk about being at the end of your rope.  When we learned  the AirAlle treatment was quick, non toxic and guaranteed we were there in a flash.  Obviously we became believers because here we are today opening our first Lice Clinic in Ft.Wayne, IN.

We completely understand the stress that lice can cause, the chaos in schedules , the cleaning etc.  We want to be the people you call.  The first, last and only people you call.  We also are aware we are a business that no wants to have to call for our services.  Like previously stated we are moms!  We get it.  We promise to greet you with a smile and most likely make you laugh while you  are in the clinic.  We will assure you it is all going to be alright and this is totally normal!

Everyone has said we need to have a blog.  A lice blog???  Well now we have a lice blog.  I , Sarah, have always wanted to have a blog.  I didn’t see it under the topic of lice but life works in strange ways.  I promise that if check our blog I will keep it interesting and most of all fun.  We will provide you with the latest info about lice but most of all we will make you laugh.  I will try to come up with ways to incorporate lice in topics that I find fun and interesting!

Last but not least I should introduce ourselves.  Kate, Michele and Sarah.  We are thrilled to be in Ft.Wayne and we look forward to meeting you if and when you need us!  If you have any questions please let us know!